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MeinzerNewAs a nationally recognized city on the east coast, Alexandria is a welcoming town for families, business owners, and visitors. Just across from Washington D.C., Alexandria has an old town feel with big city amenities.

Every year, the city is awarded for its amicable living. Not only is the city awarded for its top downtown and best place for young people, but it has also been named the Most Generous City. It was recently ranked #1 in online charitable giving and was awarded the Housing and Non Profit Developers 2010 Achievement Award for Innovation.

Simplified, Alexandria is a growing, giving community, and many nonprofit entrepreneurs are choosing the city as their nonprofit organization headquarters.

There are many steps to forming a nonprofit, including paperwork with the city, state, and federal government. To get your nonprofit fully up and running, you will need to revise your business plans, write organizational policiesand recruit the board of directors and volunteers.

Starting and maintaining a nonprofit organization can be time-consuming, and legal issues will undoubtedly pop up. Having an Alexandria nonprofit attorney on your side can ease your mind that your nonprofit is legally fit to operate.

If your organization is facing legal troubles, a nonprofit lawyer can guide you through the legal issues and advise you on your best options. While some organizations may only need revised paperwork, others may need help with intellectual property, dispute resolution, or general counsel services.

As a nonprofit lawyer, I want to help your organization prosper and benefit the community. Using my nonprofit experience, resources, and legal skills, we can work together to eliminate any legal issues and give your organization a clean slate to move forward with.

The Law Office of Heidi Meinzer, PLLC wants to help you advocate for your mission and achieve your nonprofit goals.

If you are starting a nonprofit organization in Alexandria or need consultation with an unexpected legal issue, contact the experienced nonprofit attorney at The Law Office of Heidi Meinzer, PLLC.

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