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Fairfax Dog Bite / Dangerous Dog Attorney

Meinzer3Fairfax was recently named one of the top three places to live in the nation by Forbes, and the residents couldn’t agree more. Families enjoy the small town charm of Fairfax City and the iconic Fairfax courthouse that resembles the freedom and history that the city encompasses.

However, people aren’t the only “residents” that need to be defended in Fairfax court. If your dog has been accused of being a dangerous dog, or has bitten a person or another animal, you should contact an experienced animal law attorney today to fight for your dog’s rights.

As a dog owner, you are one of the best people to judge your dog’s behavior. If another person was provoking your loving companion, if someone trespassed on your property, or if your dog is being discriminated against because of their breed, your dog had every right under Virginia law to defend him or herself.

Even if you were simply walking the streets of Fairfax and an accident occurred, your family and furry friend deserve to tell your side of the story. Your dog may have been in pain, or acted out of provocation or fear.

Working with an animal law attorney, your family can get the answers they have been looking for. The legal process is lengthy and complex; an animal law lawyer can help guide you through the process and advise you on your best options.

At the Law Office of Heidi Meinzer, PLLC, I have advocated and worked with many families and dogs accused under unworthy circumstances. Using my legal knowledge and experience as a Certified Profession Dog Trainer and Certified Nose Work Instructor, I have dedicated my time and effort to defend those who cannot speak for their rights: your loving, furry companions.

If you’re family has been impacted by a dog bite in Fairfax, contact an experienced animal law attorney today to help defend your dog and keep all of your family together, happy, and safe. The Law Office of Heidi Meinzer, PLLC can be contacted at (703) 935-5229 or by filling out the contact form in the top right corner.

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